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I mean, technically he's right. If it truely were simply a 15/32" conversion it would have worked out to roughly 11.9mm.

Either they converted it wrong, or it wasn't originally 15/32"

Otherwise they would have stated 11.9mm instead of 11.7mm


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I've always felt we need some sort of company insurance system to pay for oil gas and mining operations.

Have a company pay a yearly fee in order to extract minerals or oil and gas which goes into a fund and when they close operations and can prove everything has been done correctly they get half of whatever they paid into the fund back. The other half remains in the fund.

If they do not close down operations correctly or they go bankrupt and cannot, the funds can be used to do it for them. It could also be used to clean up environmental disasters like oil spills in the ocean or tailings pond breaches from mines, etc.


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Aye, but that's when the site is clean and flat before anything starts happening. What I assume original commenter was meaning these things delivering construction supplies through the construction of a project, which means object moving around every day and a 3D environment with holes and trenches being dug and ramps and elevators etc.