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I’m worried in that situation once the moratorium is in place, it won’t come off again. Think, the media frenzy that would happen: “officials have banned AI research for 6 months due to fears of AGI”. Then 6 months is up and I guarantee you no political solution to AGI has been implemented. But now everyone thinks AI is damgerous because it needed a ban, especially the politicians who smell blood and latch on to AI fear for more votes. Do they lift the ban? No chance, now it’s permanent.


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It's just a huge contradiction to think we can somehow ingrain AGI with our current values, and in that way preserve the current socioeconomic model.

True AGI is the end of capitalism. I don't care if you program it to love democracy, if a piece of software can do any job a human can do, the human worker is made obsolete. No job, no salary, no more buying products. What is capitalism's answer to that? There is none. AI is the ultimate manifestation of accelerationism, and it will lead us into a new socioeconomic model.


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The counter-argument here is that in any industry, you can the replace humans as the workers (assuming robotics will eventually catch up). So while the farmers could have moved to the city to work in a factory before, this time around the farmer will get to the city and find all the jobs there are also done by AI.


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Man people here hype things up way too much, i’ve been a futurist since the 2000s and one lesson I’ve learned time and again is tech will disappoint. LLMs will be a helpful sidekick at most, ain’t no ChatGPT gonna do replace anyone at work. AI freeze for the next decade is the most likely outcome as they hype dies down.


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Maybe even answers to certain questions are pre-programmed. Some things it says sound way too scripted. For example I asked it if god exists, and it just kept giving the same boring dance-around-the-question answer no matter how i pressed it. Something like “I cannot answer that it’s up to you what to believe”. Like openAI doesn’t want to offend anyone.