KOSHAOLIN t1_j80pxhu wrote

Wind turbines are still kind of new to us, and we just started to bury them in the ground. I doubt anyone is using any kind of pe sheeting to ensure the turbines will not disintegrate and poison ground waters. We can dream about the future but we live in the present, so let's stick to it. You have mentioned lobbyist for oil industry, but the real money is in renewables these days and their lobby seems to have bigger reach with the decision makers in western countries. Western is going electric, but china is building mainly coal plants. I will ask again did anyone performed LCA on solar, wind turbine vs natural gas, coal, nuclear? How much concrete and steel do we use per turbine, can the foundation be reused? What about the treat byproducts that are used to limit co2 with cement production? Fly ash is very beneficial to concrete durability. There are many angles to this topic, and we don't even see a glimpse of facts.