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From the article: Samuel González, who founded Mexico’s special prosecutor’s office for organized crime in the 1990s, said Guzmán’s capture was a “gift” ahead of Biden’s visit. The Mexican government “is working to have a calm visit,” he said.

Edit: and another one https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/01/06/americas/el-chapo-son-arrest-mexico-prison-intl/index.html

Capturing Guzmán could be a way for López Obrador to show the US that he is "in control of the armed forces and Mexico's security situation," Gladys McCormick, a associate professor at Syracuse University who focuses on Mexico-US relations, told CNN in an email.

Edit: a 3rd source https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/05/world/americas/el-chapo-son-ovidio-guzman-mexico.html

It also provided the government a public relations win days before Mr. López Obrador is set to host President Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada at a North American Leaders Summit in Mexico City.

Here’s a 4th source. It doesn’t spell it out as bluntly. This article probably requires some critical reading skills. It talks about the USA’s interest in capturing him. Talks about the previous release. Then goes on to talk about how the President of Mexico wont look like he’s “weak” on the cartels to other “governments”. Does not mention Biden by name as part of the other “government”. Does state that this event is occurring days before the summit that Biden will attend.


I’m unsure why you would be having trouble finding this. I Googled “El Chapo son” and several pages of articles came up.


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Look up the TikTok videos from the women who got the lady arrested and later found the baby too. Seems like Indy police really dropped the ball. They practically had to beg the police to arrest her. Called and reported her location (and on going crimes) repeatedly with no response. Finally had to swerve on the highway to get pulled over with her. Then had to wave a phone infront of the police’s face with the Amber Alert on it. At one point the woman asked “what do we need to do to get her arrested. Do I need to bring her to the police station at gun point”.

Absolutely wild the amount of work it took to get a police response to the abductor in an active Amber Alert.