KT313 t1_j5wnjyq wrote

His name is Cam. He was a high school math teacher until the age of 26, when it became too boring for him. He switched to being a skydiving instructor, but quit that after having a bad dream and being scared of heights after that. He is currently working in sales-management for a solar panel producer. He has 2 very lovely cats called Wee (white) and Kun (brown with thin black stripes), 6 and 4 years old. His favourite food is fried rice from the asian place next door. He lives in the suburban district of a city in the south of Norway. He doesn't have a wive, but is seeing a woman called Mary that he likes. Last week, his cousin Brek went on a biking trip with him, they had a lot of fun but Cam fell one time and now has a light bruise on his lower left arm and his left knee. Yesterday he went shopping and treated himself with a new laptop. He likes playing casual games like online chess on it. His plants for the next week are: Get the new presentation from work done, look after Brek's dog for 2 days, get Wee and Kun to the vet because they each have a small injury from playing a bit too rough, buying groceries,and reading the book "the martian" that has been gathering dust on the shelf for a few months.