K_Pizowned t1_iugdpsb wrote

Unless there’s some sudden mass die off of the ultra wealthy worldwide we’re just going to sleep walk to extinction. Fucking sucks but that’s the reality. The only people that could do anything about it either don’t see it as their problem, something that won’t effect them because they have so much money, they see it as a financial opportunity (opening arctic trade lanes otherwise unusable due to ice). They WANT volatile markets so they can scoop stuff up for cheap. It’s some real delusional shit- because there’s going to be nothing for them to ‘rule’ over once we’re over that fence.


K_Pizowned t1_isdstkw wrote

The spoiler is the people with ownership over the resources that would be needed to fix this issue do not feel obligated to face the issue and in fact think everyone else should front the bill for the fallout of their mass-scale exploitation. We're just going to sleep walk in to extinction. Embrace of the Anthropocene.