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Lol the goblin horn looks nothing like a shofar. Do you even know what one looks like or what the horn in game looks like? It looks way closer to a viking horn than a shofar so you are totally wrong there. Very rarely bejewl or put metal on a shofar. Its also made of animal horn not wood like the goblin horn its very obliviously viking style.

How do you feel the representation of Goblins in the wizarding world is negative? Like I said they are artists and artisans. We met many in the game. Like a merchant and painter or a sweet guy with a mooncalve pet. We even get help from the badguy's brother that is working against the bad goblin because he doesn't agree with his ideals. Goblins aren't presented as a homogeneous group at all or in a negative way.

> Also, the "people who worked on the game" have already been paid,

Do you think all work ends when a game releases? Do you think they get paid a lump sum for the whole development? What do you think happens to a studio and its employees if a game doesn't sell? It shutsdown and everyone is fired.

They aren't paid once for the game dude. They are still working every day for a paycheck, to provide patches, finish the other platform ports. And if the game does well, they keep their jobs and work on the next game or dlc.

> I'm not Jewish

Then I don't you need getting offended on my behalf. I grew up in a town of 16,000 jews and none of us ever compared the golbins to jews. Its only after JK got terfy and people wanted to find reasons to get upset. Way more jews see no issue then those that do. Or non jews that want to get offended on others behalf.


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Except it also funnels money towards all the employees working on the game and all their families. Making money off of a game that has plenty of lgbt and poc representation.

Tell me how Goblins are antisemitic?

Goblins are bankers, merchants, artists, tradesmans in the Wizard world. Exactly the same as goblins or dwarves in other fantasy settings such as world of warcraft.

So why are goblins a jewish stereotype? Because some have hooked noses? That's the only difference between a dwarf. Pretty sure it makes you anti-semetic if you compare goblins to jews but not dwarves just because some goblins have hooked noses.

You are welcome to explain yourself better though.


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You can be trans in Hogwarts legacy

The badass town inkeeper is trans

The game has an extremely diverse ethnic cast

There are several gay relationships in the game

The game represents and puts lgbtq people in a far greater light than any negativity from Rowling


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> I've lived in places with the wheelie bins and they are also no match for a good gust of wind

Yeah I had the 55 gallons in a previous town. Big ones barely move. I have 35 gallon currently it stays put while everyone else recycling is all over the street

> Imagine 3-6 bins, per house, lined up side-by-side on a sidewalk

Like it already is? exchanging bins that don't have a auto lift ability for ones that do doesn't add more bins.And having larger bins that a truck can pick up would probably reduce the ammount of bins since we currently have very tiny ones.


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Yeah totally makes sense at that point. I'm 30 so still quite away from my last car. Once my 2017 Corolla dies I'm eyeing a rav 4 hybrid or maybe full eclectic will be cheap by that point if I get the average 10 years of a car 2027 will hopefully have much better options and prices.


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Yeah I have never in my life paid more than 15k for a used car. 40k is not even close to worth the price or what I would be willing to pay for a rarely used vehicle. It would need to be way cheaper to make economic sense for me and most people. Don't get me wrong think evs are very cool but it's just not worth it yet.