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are you asking why the average since theyve begun measuring and keeping the values doesnt go up and down at the same rate as the instantaneous level? you do know what an average is right. especially the last year when they had a serious drought and it just kept going down while the average is usually much higher.


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i worked at a dominos that still had a big stuffed noid above their television in the lobby. i tried to borrow it and they had it zip tied to the mount. of course none of the kids working there knew about this story.


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noone has to at anyone for a killer brisket recipe. aaron franklin told the world how he smokes a brisket and made a youtube video howto. it changed the bbq world and pissed a lot of people off. now you can get a pretty badass brisket anywhere. its the rest of the food and the sides that makes or breaks a bbq place now. thats why goldees in ft worth got first last year/


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last time i went in september one beef rib cost me 51.65. total bill was 122. i tried getting a job there. they run the smokers 24hrs a day and their starting pay is 28$/hr. working night shift on the smokers not having to worry about customers or traffic sounded like heaven to me.


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i had a 7T and traded it in after 2.5 yrs because they were stupid and gave me 1000$ tradein on a fold 3. regretted it every day since. the fold3 is a shit show. the big screen is the only benefit. battery life is iffy, charges slow, cameras are terrible for a flagship phone, both screen protectors started peeling away after 8 months. and it cracked falling from a car door sill to the ground.


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not at all true. the 289 in my 65 mercury would hit 9k no problem. and that car was from 1965. the biggest problem at that rpm is valve float. the biggest benefit ohc engines is better variable valve timing. its easier to independently control intake and exhaust timing with ohc engines. and it couldve been done with no cam if freevalve had taken off earlier. that couldve pushed ICE engines another decade if they got it out the door sooner.