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The early science of threats like this, cigarettes, pesticides, climate change, etc always have to first prove the effect. Later studies can then determine levels and risks.

However given what we know of cigarettes and climate change we can assume the companies making the product are years ahead of well publicised science.


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Along with the pollution and micro fibre threats it also affects fire safety. For instance I have read that in the 1950s average time to flashover (when enough heat is generated from a fire to spontaneously ignite other objects) was 25 minutes. And it is now 15. This is due to the amount of oil in a modern house - carpets, furniture, clothing, etc being made of oil products; polyester, plastic, etc, as opposed to the slower to ignite products like wool, wood, etc.

Ironically cars and resulting congestion means that for the city I heard this discussed about (Auckland, New Zealand), in the 1950 a fire engine could reach any house in 15 mi utes but it is now up to 30 minutes at times of the day.


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My presented evidence is 4 comments up.

Your evidence is missing, presumed non-existent.

I will say in my foal and informal training I have never heard of it but accept I do not know everything.

If you have sources stop being half-arsed and present it.


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You are making the assertion that veganic farming exists. You prove your assertion, don't lazily expect me to do your homework.

Show where and how veganic methods deal with fertility cycling, pest control, etc.

Have the confidence to prove your unsubstantiated assertion.


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Go organic not vegan.

I used to be a horticulturalist (mostly pip fruit and some vege).

One of my jobs was to monitor for life forms and devise a way to kill them with herbicides, fungicides, nemocides, insecticide, firearms(mammals and birds), etc. Firearms excepted basically oil products.

Another was to plan and apply artificial fertiliser - oil products basically.

We drove tractors (oil fueled) that compact the soil.

Last I read UN say that 60% of arable land is degraded.

We need the right number of animals to support organic horticultural. Not to replace unsustainable agriculture with unsustainable horticulture.


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I read a collection of Hitler's speaches. He was a huge fan of the US and emulated a number things; Monroe Doctrine was the source of his Sphere of Influence idea, Manifest Destiny and Living Space In the East, slavery and slavery.

Apparently the Nuremburg laws were copied from Alabama state laws. The laws on eugenics were provided by the New York based Eugenics Society.

Meanwhile concentration camps in German were inspired by the British concentration camps used during the Boer Wars