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Yeah we don't really realise that writing and reading is a technology . We learn spoken language automatically as kids - reading and writing then takes over a decade of intense training!

English language is an advanced technology!


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No, plate tectonics is based on heat from the earths mantle.

Think of tectonic plates as part of a cracked shell that all fit snugly together over the earth's molten mantle.

Heat from radioactive processes within then causes the plates to move.

For your story, it would be a piece of your planets cracked shell being removed and the molten stuff underneath exposed. I can only imagine the massive devastation as the rest of the plates try to move to fill in the gap.


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I love people discussing this as if its relevant?

This is ten years old and the media landscape has dramatically changed.

Turns out all those conspiracy theorists trying to destroy the media weren't doing it to bring us truth but to push more lies.


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Birds dont react to earthquakes like that as everyone is pointing out.

But they do flee hurricanes. Studies have shown they can hear the wind coming! When a hurricane is coming you'll notice that eerie silence as lots of birds gtfo.


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Happiness is a temporary emotion. We know for a fact that no matter what happens to humans, our emotions will regress to the mean. You could win the lottery and have all your dreams come true, and after 6 months it'll start getting boring.

So chasing happiness is a fools game and ironically will stop you being content.


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Boat 14 went back - it found lots of floating bodies. They pulled in 4 people.

About 50% of people going in the water would have died within 2 minutes from cold water shock, sudden drop in temperature will often cause sudden cardiac arrest. Its often why kids die when they fall into ice.

By about 15 minutes 90% were dead from hypothermia. By 30 minutes basically everyone who went into the water would have died.

I think one of the few survivors in the water was the master baker and they think it's because he got absolutely smashed on all the booze before the ship went down. That helped keep him calm, and vasodilated. Plus a lot of luck!

It also means Jack from the movie was likely doomed to die whatever happened. Once you got wet hypothermia would quickly set in.


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Hes basically saying neanderthals didn't go extinct, humans absorbed them as part of our evolution.

Modern humans are extremely insanely diverse. There are billions of us and we are everywhere. We've beaten up natural selection and all had sex with each other.

Neanderthal genes have not evolved for tens of thousands of years. Meanwhile humans have been getting crazy. So we still have those neanderthal genes, and a bunch of new ones too.