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Do you have any sources on meth use in RI? I know that there were a couple of big bust on dealers from out of state recently, but my understanding was that RI has been pretty insulated from meth compared to opioids.

I couldn't find any recent reports.


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I honestly haven't found a reason to go to the mall. I've stopped in to check it out a few times, but most of the stores are outside my price range, or don't carry things that fit me right. It is easier for me to buy my clothes or other things online. None of the food is great. This is providence, our food scene is pretty on point, and PF Changs just isn't going to cut it.

I like the movie theater better than other local theaters, but my partner prefers to drive the extra fifteen minutes to Lincoln then deal with finding parking, paying for parking, and walking through the mall which takes that extra fifteen minutes anyways.