Kaltias t1_jdul5ii wrote

I'm not arguing either way, i'm telling you what the human traffickers think about it. I don't have an acceptable solution to the problem. But if they weren't extremely cynical people they would do something else in their lives rather than sending people on a literal sinking boat after extorting them and robbing them, you're mistaken if you think they look at a rescue ship as anything else than a way to make their profit margin even bigger.


Kaltias t1_jduhpsw wrote

Making the trip through the Mediterranean easier saves money to the human traffickers because they can give the boat 20 km of fuel then call a ship to rescue them. This makes it cheaper for them but they charge the same money, so it's a profit for the traffickers.

I'm not trying to say the NGOs are willingly complicit in human trafficking, i think they just want to save people that risk their lives, but it doesn't mean the traffickers don't use them to their advantage regardless