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My folder full of blueprints for our house disagrees. Only need it once every few years, but without it certain repairs or alterations would be impossible.


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Some of those 95% confidence intervals contain 1,0, yet the conclusion states that there is an effect. Eg. all-cause mortality (0,92-1,14).

I'm a bit rusty with statistics, but doesn't that mean that the effect is not statistically relevant?


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This is revolutionary. Increased efficiency, structural stability, and reduced noise. In a couple of decades, iterations of these designs will likely replace all conventional props.

Drones, helicopters, propeller planes and boats are great and all, but the improvements to efficiency for large scale cargo ships, wind turbines, hell, potentially even steam turbines are where the big gains will be found.


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Another thing to worry about is losing your biggest trade partners for at least a few decades. So even if you magically created a new workforce and magically acquired the needed materials to produce goods, you have limited customers buying the goods, and less competition among buyers means lower prices.

It really is a fantastic shitshow to behold.


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This! I am a medical doctor, and the behaviour described in this article brings into question these people's sanity. It sounds like a delusion, which could possibly be a symptom of psychosis or delusion disorder. They need a psych workup. And if they truly believe hugely documented terror incidents with mass casualties, hundreds / thousands of eyewitnesses and extensive media coverage to be hoaxes, they should be committed for treatment involuntarily, as their current behaviour is harmful to others.


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You are 100% correct. I am a doctor who works mostly in urgent care. One of the sickest people I have ever treated came in with a septic infection that had its origin in his teeth.

He had several surgeries over the next few days and spent 3 weeks in the intensive care unit. Survived, but it was really damned close.