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I got the chicken and waffles and lord help me there was more syrup than chicken and waffles combined. It legitimately tasted like they sugar dipped sugar cubes and then molded them into the shape of chicken and waffles.

Also it’s hilarious how clearly everyone takes their nova parents there on their Sunday brunch visits. It’s like a rite of passage, or something. Maybe you get a discount if you arrive in vineyard vines, and I just didn’t know about it?


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And their food is sleeper bangin. Never mention on r/rva but that pork bowl... one of the few items in this town I actually get a serious craving for


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I thought the wings at irie were incredible, my coworker said “oh nononono you HAVE to go to Jamaica house, it’s so much better.” Well damn, if it’s better than irie it might just be the best spot in rva


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One time I want to the only decent young people bar near Harrisburg, PA. Whole strip closed down at 2a PROMPT. So few ride share services for the small population. $250 bucks to go 10 miles. Two hundred fifty. We were drunk enough to convince ourselves we could walk the 10 miles, but after about 6 miles we ubered the last 4 at a reasonable price. The surge prices are bananas


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It's getting more and more hellish, as I think its popularity is still peaking, but it has never taken me more than 10 mins and I always go on Saturday mornings at varying times between like 9a-12p.

Went earlier today at noon to surpass the rush and it took 5 mins! They're quick to serve, and the line is deceptive b/c their indoor space is so small that the line is always out the door.