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That’s their lower lip wrapped around a disc. I believe it’s called a lip plate. It’s a traditional body modification that has been invented independently around the world a few times. In South America the largest plates are worn by the greatest orators and war chiefs, such as Chief Raoni of the Kayapo tribe shown in this picture, a well known environmental campaigner. Most are made of light wood.


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I agree with you. Even in recent decades when aspect of society weren’t very different depression levels were lower than today. It’s a massive conglomeration of things that is really difficult to point to any one aspect. One thing I think about in relation to the rise of mental disorders is all of the environmental pollutants from chemical usage in a variety of products. There’s so many dangerous pollutants we know of, but yet still many more we don’t have a great understanding of but still pump out in high quantities. But, trying to change society is difficult and this could help many people.


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Just did this for the first time this year, go to goodwills, thrift stores, and bargain places for lots of kitchen stuff and furniture. I did this and saved a ton of money. Glasses for like 25 cents, plates for 50 cents, utensils and a knife block for like 10 bucks. avoid old nonstick due to toxins but seek out old used cast iron. I got a nice kitchen table and chairs for 15 bucks. I got my couch of Craigslist for 25 bucks. Got a desk and office chair for 40. Really really will save you money, and if you have cheap furniture and don’t wanna spend the money moving it, you can donate it back to the thrift stores