Karenomegas t1_ja9k9hk wrote

My sincerest if I found the wrong tree to bark up.

I, and many, many of my peers are related to conservative persons who would call themselves parents. That use our existence to further conversations in their favor to the best of their neurotic abilities. It is a trope within the community.

Edit: Even going so far as to use the pronoun in relation to your kin. Disingenuous actors use language in a fashion to bait and trap issues like its a game. And some of us are at real risk.


Karenomegas t1_j583wf9 wrote

Friend of a spook from the 70s knew cult techniques and used them. Classic stuff y'know?

Edit: Sorry bout that. I live in the PNW so some of the more esoteric racial terms have eluded me. And its weird to start drawing strings to MkUltra in public usually. But in this case the guy loved to talk about his background in the CIA and yadda yadda Jim Jones and Charlie. Hell, even Leary said the company were the best people he ever worked with.

Anyways, this guy is real fond of saying he had Jim Jones (type) training from the same batch of yahoos outta the bay and they seem mad at him for it more than normal bad men. Good for society, bad for guy who should have led self help seminars.