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I’m not even a boy. Let alone a fan. I am a nut for historical achievements in technology, regardless of who made it.

I do give credit when it’s due.

Smart phones with a touch screen didn’t exist before Apple. And I hardly even classify a BlackBerry or sidekick 3 as a “smart phone”.

Considering your big brain post history is limited to “deaf people don’t laugh at farts” I’m gonna go ahead and assume you weren’t alive when the iPhone came out.

Please, allow the adults to have constructive discussions. You have nothing to add here, I’m not even sure you’re 13 and allowed to be on this site.


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After peeping your profile, I see that you love Patagonia. Did you know that earth tones came out of 70’s design? That’s pretty much all they sell.

Here’s a vogue piece on 70’s interior design. Give it a look and you’ll see huge themes in what’s popular right now. Keep in mind that these themes are gaining traction in NYC and it’ll take a while for the middle of America to catch up. H&M home, crate and barrel, CB2, Anthropologie Home, are all showcasing a play on this era right now.



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Chill with that 13 year old edge princess opinion. You’ll never learn about actual good design principals that way. Especially if you’re obsessed with the most popular thing right now. That’s not creativity or skill, it’s just copying your peers.

Major props to OP for buying used as opposed to new! Especially in keeping these pieces in pristine condition with tons of use! It’s not easy.