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The only person asserting that there’s a distinction between the capabilities of tech employees who are here on a visa and people who were born here is you. Having a solid enough understanding of macroeconomics to realize the increased supply of tech talent created by the H1B visa program depresses industry wages hardly makes me a nativist yokel. I’ll keep my thoughts on what your worldview says about you to myself :)


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> you’ll swallow anything to let you continue believing that beig (sic.) a ‘native’ immediately makes you better qualified than an immigrant.

Says the person who literally claimed they’re better at their job than an entire population containing over 300 million people. Someone is bogarting the copium here, but I don’t think it’s me.

Best of luck in the ongoing layoffs, friend. Let’s hope you don’t find out the hard way that the people whose boots you’re licking so intently don’t think you’re nearly as special as you do.


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There’s about a 75% chance this view will be completely socked in on any given day in March/April, and the mountain won’t be visible. Think wall of impenetrable fog where this view is. Your odds of having a view improve through April, but it’ll be a crapshoot. As someone else mentioned, the view is accessible by the gondola at Crystal Mountain ski resort, but ymmv on whether there is actually a view, and whether the gondola is closed down due to high winds and/or snow conditions.