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I mean, if the name isn't taken and you can write a decent Blockchain, you could drop the political message make a mint out of this marketing it to the most gullible people in the richest country on earth (MAGAts) and then turn around and give the millions you made to a gun control advocate, which would net you a bigger PR blitz for free before they started spending those millions than just the cynical plan you started with.

Good luck.


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8 stands out in its absence. After the 08 crash they even made movies to warn people who weren't reading the financials at the time. If bad practices are poisoning the market, anyone who reveals the weakness will be cut off and left to die while those who praise the beauty of the emperor's clothes until the bottom falls through will get bailed out.


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A fourth possibility, that gender nonconforming people are more likely to be sent to speak with a mental health professional and that people who do not go to visit mental health professionals are rarely diagnosed. People can and do go through their whole lives with BPD and PTSD without anyone around them noticing or caring, but gender dysphoria presents as difficult to ignore.