Karuna56 t1_jcdrrez wrote

See Ruby Beach, Hoh Rain Forest, Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, Visit Orcas Island, Cross the North Cascades Highway over to Mazama and Winthrop then down the Columbia. Go to Spokane and drive up to Colville, then back down all the way to Pullman (stop at Steptoe Butte) and explore the Palouse. Explore the Columbia Gorge. See Mt Adams and go back to Rainier. Wander around Hood Canal.

And so much more!


Karuna56 t1_jazfaoi wrote

I am also amazed and I majored in Geography at University. Here in Washington, we have glaciers, temperate rain forest, fjords, high desert, grasslands, mountain peaks, volcanoes, and much much more. I really believe that Washington has the most geographic diversity of all 50 States.

Plus Sasquatch.