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Another really fucked up read that is all true is The Hot Zone, if you haven't read that one yet I highly recommend it. It's about the Ebola virus and how completely moronic scientists and government officials essentially released Ebola out to the masses in the U.S. literally a couple miles away from Washington D.C. The only reason the U.S. didn't get completely fucked is because it was miraculously some new mutation of Ebola that wasn't as deadly (they didn't know this though at the time). There is a show too, but it's no where near as good as the book imo.


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What? I live in Maryland, and you can absolutely use Fanduel, Pointsbet, or Betrivers as alternatives to Draftkings. I've been having a blast using draftkings myself though because that free $200 they gave you for signing up earned me around 150, I pulled out 100 of it and bought a christmas present, and now am back up to 120. It went live right when Maryland terps basketball was finally taking off :D