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They should rename Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to Carter International Airport while he's still alive. The man loved Georgia so much, he has lived in the state for over 90 years of his 98 years of life. The only period he wasn't in the state was while in the navy and in the White House. And Georgia loved him back, he won every single county in Georgia in 1976, and Georgia gave him the support in 1980 as well, even tho he lost the entire South outside of Georgia. Georgia voted 25 points more democratic in 1980 than the nation as a whole. He was that much loved back then, and I'm sure he still is to this day.


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>If I had a gun with 2 bullets and Hitler, Osama and Putin in a room, I'd probably wonder why I'm in the room. Three people responsible for mass casualties and human misery, and me. Wtf have I done?

Yeah, and who found Osama and Hitler's bodies and brought them into the room? Well a body and a pile of pieces and ashes...