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While one prison being private is too many....

There is a total of 158 total private prisons holding single digit percentage of the US prison population... thats out of a total of 1,566 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 2,850 county jails and 1,510 juvenile correctional facilities.

Private prison numbers from:

Total number here:

The discussions around private prisons makes it seem like it's a significant chunk... while one is too many, it's not enough.

Remember to contact your elected reps to end state contracting to private prisons!


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If you feel globalism is shit, I take it you only buy locally or regionally sourced goods, or at least go through trying to find locally / regionally sources food, and other items before partcimmicipating in a system that is based on globalism. And are also opposed to companies selling goods or services outside of your country?


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While I don't agree with people who have a chip on their shoulder and feeingl morally superior(while simultaneously admiring them for having principles they stand by and a passion they believe in)... you know that the level of deaths brought on by combines is smaller than the harm of caused by the food industry.

From needless animal suffering, to the environmental impacts, such as the Amazon rainforest being burned down for cattle ranching, there are tons of problems that come from using animals as a food source, especially in a modern society


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Non narcotic? There are non benzo and non barbituate anti seizure meds already.

There are cases of epilepsy that are treatment resistent that hemp / medical cannabis does help.

But don't pretend it is the only non narcotic option out there.