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I had a colleague who home schooled her child, and they were both lovely people but I don't think it expanded horizons for the kid. Mom and child both were autistic, which is not an issue in itself, but I did feel homeschooling didn't push the child out of a tight social comfort zone, so in the end they were two home bodies doubled up without any challenges to it. Then COVID happened, and now the child is in college now and having difficulties adjusting.


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Facilities repairs are expensive. My YMCA looks like the paint job is from the 80s/90s....they had frozen pipes this winter. Every shower there works, but each has something a little wrong with it. One shower head is mounted too low for adults, another won't maintain water pressure, another stall had the metal shelf screw come out and is slanted, etc. And these are just the small things. There's a reason your average person doesn't have a heated indoor pool. They're $$$$$$$ to maintain, replace parts as needed and keep looking good.


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The Y closes their pool in Cranston at the drop of a hat. Today for example it's closed to repair the pool deck. Then there's swim meets. Then there's family hour. So actually there's really only early AM blocks of pool time, sometimes afternoon too, but the pool there generally is off limits around 6pm while the rest of the YMCA is open until 9pm.

Edit: I forgot there is an 8:00-8:45pm swim block. Again, you'd have to go to your local YMCA and ask for the pool schedule, or maybe check their website for hours.


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Paradis Ave used to have a bad reputation years ago, not sure how it is now. I always found that strange because it didn't obviously look like the most run down area in Woonsocket.

From what I remember, the northern parts bordering MA are nice, same with area bordering North Smithfield.


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I bought a flashlight taser years ago when they would still ship to RI. You can still buy them out of state or have it shipped to someone you know out of state. Even so, a small taser isn't going to do much for you besides buying you some time to escape if you're lucky, and you have to have it on you at the moment.

I'd try taking a self-defense class for women. Same idea as a taser, it only buys you a small amount of time, but you don't have to carry it with you. My yoga teacher is also a taekwondo black belt and I wouldn't mess with her. She's tiny but evil lol. Find someone qualified to teach you a few basic things and you can carry those with you for the rest of your life. Don't think that just because you're petite you are 100% helpless. Your goal isn't to win fights, but make someone think twice about fucking with you and buy a few moments to escape. And don't forget cardio is your bestie in those cases.


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You're not likely to find Korean anywhere in person locally. Boston Area Spanish Exchange (BASE, also teaches more than Spanish) has Korean private lessons if you really want in person. If I were you though I'd probably look at I've taken private language lessons there and had good experiences.


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I've lived near intersection of Park & Warwick Ave for about 4 years, only once have they forgotten to pick up the trash but they got it next day. And no, it wasn't a holiday or something where they should have been delayed, but it was resolved quickly.


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My dog also chipped a tooth while chewing and I took him to Rhode Island Animal Medical Center, he did fine and they were more reasonably priced plus had better availability than other places I checked.


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I have no leads on helpful landlords, but you'll probably need a training space unless you score a landlord who doesn't mind you adding silks to his high ceiling spaces! The only aerialist space that I know of in RI is Arielle Extreme in East Greenwich, other closest options are closer to Boston. There is one circus company, Circus Dynamics, not sure what else there is since I do props, hoops and fans, but I'm super happy to see additions to the circus community arriving!


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Gracie's can make your 3 or 5 course prix fixe meal all veggie or vegan.

Maybe not what you have in mind for 'fine dining' but Plant City certainly has the prices and a trendy vibe. The non-pizza options at Double Zero are good based on what I've tried.