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>think about chillies used in asian cuisine etc.

That was a mind blowing moment for me recently. I've been doing a lot of Asian cooking, particularly Thai.

My favorite chili has been Thai chilis, but I thought they were hard to find, and could only find them in Asian Groceries.

Then I found out they are just bird eye chilis, which are a lot easier to find.


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There are tons of things people think are culturally much older than they are.

Sushi, as we think of it, is less than 200 years old.

Potatoes weren't an Irish thing until after the New World was discovered, they aren't even native to Europe.

Many spices popular in South East Asian dishes, also aren't native to those areas (instead again the New World)


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>I think bourbon is only allowed to be called that if it's made in the US for example, so thus all the bourbon money goes to the us

Except US laws don't apply outside the US.

You can make all the Bourbon you want, and sell it outside the US all you want, and you could even call it Bourbon.


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>Calvary sabers really aren't designed for fencing primarily they are designed to be held Ina static position while you ride them into someone.

Modern Olympic fencing consists of three weapon types.

Foil, Epee.... and... and... Saber.

The modern Olympic sport of Saber fencing still shows its roots in its use as a calvary weapon.


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>But free advertisement does indeed increase revenue.

That's what people say to free lancers /contractors to get them to do free work.

But lets say you are 100% right.

In that case you go to the copyright / trademark holders and you make your case, get a license to use said trademark / copyrights.