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That is not the situation here though. The fan and a completely separate light fixture are on the same switch. OP wants to turn on the fan without turning on the light fixture. There is nothing you can do with the fan to enable keeping the other light fixture off while the fan has power.


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>I had thought the closer we got to the Center of the mass the more intense the gravity and the further away the weaker ?

As the other answer said, it is a very small difference. The earth has a mean radius of ~4000 miles while going from Death Valley to the top of Everest is only about 6 miles, so a pretty small change proportionally.

Edit: said diameter instead of radius


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I am not sure that applies generally. I would say it is more that undergrad is generalized, while grad school is usually more focused.

As a chemical engineer, undergraduate was pretty much all general stuff that could be used in real world applications. Graduate students studied one area that could be very practical, could be "5-10 years" from being commercially viable, or something mostly theoretical.

My psychologist wife, however, didn't learn much practical as an undergrad and had to go to grad school in order to get a license in her chosen field - school psychology. So for her, it was kind a combo of both more focused and real world/practical.


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>He's family.

There are MANY, MANY stories about parents stealing their own kids identities to open credit cards, etc, and all other sorts of other fuckery. A distant relative is no more trustworthy than a complete stranger. If they can afford a plane ticket they can afford a cheap hotel for the night.