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"You did what?" Zaif screamed at the stone faced man in front of him.

The man in question was rocking back and forth a newborn baby with care. "Silent, the baby is sleeping. Also why are you this anxious, you knew this would happen a long time ago, brother."

"I didn't think you would adopt it. Brother, this little boy is the champion of righteousness, his job is to kill you, the infamous Blood stone Emperor." Zaif was getting more and more worked up because of his older brother's antics.

The man gave the baby to a maid waiting nearby. "Take care of the prince, if I hear him cry I will flay you..." The maid's hand trembled as she took the young prince away.

"Now, you are right, Zaif, this baby is supposed to kill me finally after a thousand years. But do you remember the prophecy?"

"Of course I do, the emperor of blood will cast his shadow on the lands for a thousand years, until a hope is born, the child shall birth dragons out of his blood, basilisks out of his flesh. The chosen cannot live in the presence of the emperor, thus the one coated with blood shall perish."

"Does the prophecy mention anything about the boy being a champion of righteousness or good? No, it doesn't, this is a detail some people have added so they could use him against me and destroy my empire. The kid is born evil, dragons and basilisks, they are not good creatures in nature but evil and the kid is supposed to summon them to this world."

"But that doesn't explain why you took him in instead of killing him?"

"I can't kill him, in better terms it is impossible to kill him, he is protected by fate. So, why not take him under me and teach him everything I know, he will take me out in the end but I will be the one who won in the end and my empire shall last for another thousand years." The emperor laughed as he looked at the city under his palace.

"How would he kill you? We are immortal, brother...."

"That we are, brother, but fate is fair, so the moment the kid was born I was stripped of my immortality, you are now the only immortal in this bleak and boring world. I want you to help my son as much as you can, Zaif."

"Do not worry, I shall protect him with everything I got. But what happened to his parents as you are now calling him your son?"

"I killed them....."


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It was there, Evan could feel its gaze on the back of his neck. His body stiffed in response to his instincts that were telling him to run.

It's pointless, it would just appear right behind me even if I go to the North pole... Evan thought as he continued ordering.

"May I get another shot of espresso?" Evan told the barista as he pulled out his wallet from his back pocket.

"Sir, your drink already contains 2 shots of espresso, are you sure?" The always smiling barista had a frown on her face.

Shut the hell up and do what I say! Evan remained calm even though in his mind he was already in the process of screaming at the barista. "Yes, I'm sure." He uttered as he suppressed a yawn. He has barely slept since that....thing...appeared suddenly out of thin air. He could feel his mind decaying from the lack of proper hours of sleep. He became angrier, easily ticked off and sometimes violent. Thankfully the violence is just inside his head, but the situation is making him lose a little bit of his mind every day.

"As you wish." the barista added another shot of espresso to his coffee. "That would be 3 dollars."

Evan raised an eyebrow in surprise but still paid. "Why is it so cheap today?"

The barista shrugged. "I don't know, the owner came in the morning telling us to make a 30% discount on everything."

Evan only smiled and then walked away, he still had 15 minutes before he needed to be at work, he would sit down and enjoy his coffee before going to the company. He found an empty place and sat down, he spied the creature to his left, Evan looked at it. It was an ugly thing, Its skin was green as grass, scars adored Its exposed body. But his body wasn't the worst thing about It, but Its face was the root of the problem. Those big red eyes that didn't move an inch. Its nose, or in better terms the lack of one, it was like it was completely sliced off by a blade. Nails and small metal roads adorned Its face and pierced lips that were always grinning showing Its sharp teeth.

What an ugly bastard. Evan has tried to talk to it multiple times, but the creature would only look at him and grin. Evan didn't even know what gender it was, there was nothing in Its crotch region, just flat skin.

Evan looked away from the monstrous creature and looked outside the window, it was a nice day, cold, but it was expected, winter was here after all. The ringing of the front door of the coffee shop brought his attention to the person entering the shop.

Gasp. Evan almost spilled his coffee all over himself, but he didn't even notice that because of the woman that entered the shop. She was young, maybe early twenties or late teenage years. She was pretty but not anything special, but that wasn't what interested him, what interested him was the creature following the young lady. It was almost identical to the one following him except for the red skin color, purple pupils and the small horns on top of its head.

What in the actual fuck is going on? Evan was losing it, he was not alone in having these creatures following him? What were those creatures? What do they want?

Evan's gaze went back to the young woman and found her looking at him with a look of horror on her face. Their eyes connected and it was like a shared understanding went through them, they both don't know what these creatures are.

Evan felt a chill down his spine, it was like death was looking at him, he looked at the direction the feeling came from and the woman's creature was looking at him and moving Its fingers in a weird way, if it was any normal human then their fingers would've broke but not this one weird being, Its fingers followed Its every command and nothing happened to them.

"Finally we meet, Zlanoth, you've become uglier than I remember." A coarse voice speaking in a weird tongue that Evan understood for some reason came from his left. Evan looked and it was none other than the creature that has been following him for weeks on end without speaking a word.

The red skinned creature cranked Its neck and stared at the green one. "Ah, look who do we have here? Nogroth the Unblessed, I wondered where you disappeared to, I thought you were plotting something, but it looks like you went back to your old hobby of stalking mortals." Evan caught the eyes of the woman, she was also shook, her eyes were drifting from the red skinned creature to the green skinned one in rapid motion.

Evan realized how weird it looked that two adults were looking at each other without speaking, so he gestured for the woman to come to his table. The woman hesitated but she came eventually, she sat down and didn't initiate conversation, neither did Evan as they were more focused on the two creatures arguing.

"I always hated that title, the Unblessed, it makes me sound more pathetic than I actually am. Not that you would understand, Zlanoth of the Hundred Souls. Talking about my hobby, why are you following this mortal girl, want to add her to your collection?"

"Don't compare me to your filthy hobbies, you were always the one who kept mortals as pets, not me."

"Then, why are you following her?"

"It seems not having horns really did affect you, can't you feel it inside her? The girl is a descendant of an angel, her soul will probably help me get a lot stronger."

"Don't you think it is bad manners to talk about eating someones soul when they are a couple meters away?"

"So what? She doesn't understand us anyway, for her we are probably only growling, what a pathetic race...."

They don't know we can understand them! Evan felt like this was big news, but it was not time for it, the woman whose soul was to be eaten was starting to cry. Evan knew exactly what he had to do, he grabbed his things as fast as he could and then started power walking toward the exit, leaving the woman behind.

It is not my problem, she is doomed, I can't change anything... Evan repeated these words the whole time he was walking toward his job, the sound of the woman begging for him to stop and help her was thrown to the back of his head.


Out of nowhere the creature following him appeared in front of him with a grin adoring Its face. Evan dropped on the floor from surprise.

"So you do understand us, don't you, little Evan?" The creature spoke again with that coarse voice.

"A...are you going to eat my soul too?" Evan asked weakly and in a quiet voice.

"Eat your soul? Ahahah, do not worry, my taste is different from that ugly bastard. But that doesn't mean I won't kill you, unless....."

"Unless what?"

"Unless you follow my missions and achieve them all." The creature smiled in a wicked way that sent shivers down Evans spine but Evan at that moment was ready to do anything to live, even if it meant the sacrifice of his humanity.

"Anything, I would do anything!"

The creature smiled, but Evan could see disgust in Its eyes. "You lot are truly a pathetic race. Now for your first mission, kill someone by the end of the day......."