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Don't work for Giant.

They literally lie about pay with asterisk marks all the way down and work you till you can't think straight. They treat employees like shit and pretend that somehow they're doing them a favor.


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Its an incredibly emotional argument because you're not actively providing evidence that this is happening beyond a few moments.

You've made a bunch of claims, nothing to pack them up and then act high and mighty when we point that out. We provide sources, its not good enough, but the fact of the matter is that one side brought evidence. You've brought 'common sense'.

And you can keep throwing around Philly Numbers about our murder rate, and we've responded back pointing out its a nationwide epidemic of violence in cities with both progressive and conservative DAs. In fact, New York City's DA has simiiliar views to Krasner, they have a fucking 3rd of our crime rate. And both the previous and current DA are progressive in their policies.

So if we're gonna throw around excuses, what about the sorry excuse for the Philadelphia Police Department with a notorious history including the MOVE Bombing, Joey fucking Bologna who got a standing ovation after crushing a teenage girl's head in during the BLM protest, and the FOP who've all but admitted that they want to arrest more black people.

Or how about the number of police in civilian positions wasting our time not patrolling the streets? Why aren't they held to same crushing accountability that Krasner is?


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So you have a bias in this conversation because you'd rather be sympathetic to a government organization that was just recently lampooned for bilking tax payer dollars, abusing rules, wasting manpower on civilian positions with police officers and having a union that generally stands in the way of actively fixing the many corrupt issues that permeate the entire PPD.

No wonder you want to blame Krasner, it makes the PPD look better despite them playing a big part in it.


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The Brennan Center's sources in this case come from organizations and government data such as the CDC and FBI.

To be frank, its not Krasner who has his own issues. Because if its Krasner, I could also cite the city controller report on the PPD and instead point the blame at the police who seemingly quit doing their job since the BLM protests.

Plus, you've provided no data, just emotional lines.


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Severe punishments don't actually help in the vast majority of wrong doing. Its been shown in basic upbringing, hitting your child actually makes them more violent over time.

Preventive measures don't work, mostly because they don't address the conditions that induce these violent actions. Many felons are impoverished or poor people who had no legal way out, or had very few options. Many are either formerly abandoned children or abused children with no safety net for the mental or physical health.

And then when they leave prison, their records follow them everywhere. They're permanently, they are scared in physical, mental and bureaucratic ways.

To your point, sure there are some people that we could define as true evil, but I would rather they be treated as the exception rather than the assumptive rule of all criminals.


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Instead he's a surgeon who even at the start of his career was peddling pseudoscience such as restorative therapies that have no medical backing.

He continued that lying into television where he endorsed a new product every show in an attempt to make money.

His career was built on having knowledge in one thing and then trying to use that expertise to peddle harmful quackery to make money. He lied. Constantly.


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Its his version of the Republican party being pushed forward, especially by men like Dr. Oz.

Even still; if you are s supporter of Donald Trump and you're going after Fetterman, you are the epitome of hypocrispy. Donald Trump has very rarely made a cogent statement, or cohesive thought without the backing and writing of dedicated staff as has been plainly shown in every single of one of his rants where he is able to speak freely.

One man requires some technology, and understands when his words are incorrect and is actively getting better. The other uses it as a style of speaking whilst also performing the most powerful position in the world, or did at least.