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When you said 'life of Brian', my first thought was of the Monty Python movie of the same name. It's hilarious. I unthinkingly pulled the name Brian off the top of my head. But now that I think of it, the name is rather fitting in that context, although in a modern, slightly edgy scenario. Maybe I will write more about 'Brian the god of unwitting stupidity'.


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I feel her gaze upon me as she scans the crowd, searching, no, hunting for me. My nose itches. Damn. Another sneeze is coming. Out of the corner of my eye I as time resumes and the stabbed man falls to the ground. Screams and voices of alarm rise up as they try to do something for the poor man. I sneeze and everything goes silent. In the split second my eyes shut for the sneeze time had stopped again. I open them, only to see twin flame of pure red ire burning into me, searing through me, burrowing into my soul. Is this what dying feels like.

Her words were ice cold and full of venom. "How did you see me?"

I can't breathe. "I, um, can't everyone see you?" I manage to gasp out. My throat is very dry all of a sudden.

"Only if I want them to. Unless..." Her face went from a look of pure rage to something more curious. "Are you a god?"

Remembering some sage advice from a movie, I stammer, "Y-yes."

Her eyes spear into me again, narrowing. "Who?"

My chest is tight and my blood runs cold. "Um, I, um, I'm Brian, the god of unwitting stupidity."

She rubs at her chin, looking up and thinking. "Brian," she mutters, "Brian. Nope, I haven't heard of you. You must be a lesser god, Brian." Her eyes narrow again. "You better watch yourself, Brian. And stay out of my way."

"O-okay," I stammer again.

And with that the commotion around the two unwitting men resumed. Wait. Had I unintentionally been right?


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Oh man, this is great. I love that the monkey actually wins the fight. Yet, it does bring up questions. Like, where did the monkey learn to read, let alone speak the eldritch tongue? And what is there to the monkey that makes it more than it appears to be? This is a fun and idea inspiring tale. Thanks.