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i genuinely don't know why i am continuing this as i don't care for any of these people all that much but i guess stopping now would be weird but in my opinion what you described was not trying to ruin lives but trying to just squeeze as much productivity out of the agreement as possible it is unfortunate that in many cases the reality's of employment make responding difficult but this is an unfortunate world, the only responses that i can think of are unions or seeking a job elsewhere but both are easier said than done and both don't always work out.


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There are more rich interested in selling to Africa than there are in making people more racist or something, from what I see all this panic about Africans comes from redditors and little else, but no you just must blame every little Ill of the world on some invisible, formless group of evil “elites” who have almost infinite power according to people on Reddit.


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Depends on the type of AI in my opinion. Complete removal of the human element can only really be done with an ai comparable to god in my opinion, with everything else you will need some level of collective human control in my opinion. It’s my belief that the correct way to solve many of todays problems is just to advance so fast that and far that things that would be difficult today are trivial, at least until aforementioned god AI comes along.