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Have you been the victim of a crime?

I ask because I wonder if you hold the same views if you had been molested or raped?

We aren’t talking about people who steal cars or shoplift.

These are people who deliberately hurt others, even kill.

If their victims survive, they will suffer the rest of their lives?

Why is the focus on the well-being of people who hurt people, sometimes deriving great pleasure while they do.

Why is their life more important than their victims and the rest of society?

Why is it okay to risk the safety of innocent people? These criminals chose to hurt others, they shouldn’t deserve more consideration than their victims and potential victims by giving them chances to do it again, ever.

Do you think they shouldn’t be punished? Why do you think there shouldn’t be unpleasant consequences?


Keylime29 t1_j1si103 wrote

Unless they are rich, they are going to need it. He drives for Uber at 57. Its safe to say they are poor and if they have insurance it’s probably crap. Even if it’s good, they are going to pay they max out of pocket twice probably for 2022 and 2023. Then there is meds and pt and all the copays for dr visits for a year or two. And he’s not working. Who’s going to look after him while he’s getting better? Does she work? How old are the children? Etc. this is the sort of thing that has ongoing effects that cause people to lose all their savings, job, retirement, even homes.

So yes. Sad as it is go fund me. But honestly that 10000 is nowhere near enough money