Khespar t1_itcujsd wrote

I sat there, pondering the question.

"But Im done already. Or, uh, I mean, you're the last one."

Her face drained of blood, "The... you... The Guild just told me about this. You did this in a matter of minutes? Why did you do this? Why!? Wh-"

She screamed gutturally as I began to crush her into the massive meatball with the rest. At least that was kinda funny.

I got to thinking again; Why DID I want to create a massive human meatball? I had an idea just moments ago and now I cant recall what I was going to do... Stupid distracting hero.

I looked up at the massive misshapen mass of bloody limbs and flesh Id crushed together, and scratched my head with a viscera encrusted hand.

"Well, I can't remember now that you ask. Not that answering you has any point."

Time to start over. Next time I should end them as soon as they start polluting... Alternatively I could optimize Octopi further... Hmmm...