Khyron_2500 t1_jeeilzu wrote

Someone already commented with the information you need, so my input here is just to keep your information targeted.

I think you (hopefully) learned a lot of lessons here, but ultimately your question seems to largely be “I have a plate that’s coming to the dealer for a car that was already totaled— do I need to actually go get it and give it back to the DMV or can I have the dealer send it back?”

The rest of the information is just kind of meaningless to us and you. If you need to know about anything you could do about health insurance, then ask that.

Just as an aside, it might be that your coverage is retroactive to when you signed up/we’re hired so I would double check that.


Khyron_2500 t1_jaiax5b wrote

I also find the point values and ranges semi-subjective. Why is the champion 16 points, specifically? Why is 9 through 16 a category?

I get they’re exponential ranges based on doubling, 1/2/4/8/16, but is there any way to say this is a qualified way to look at the data?

I would rather see reverse rating of the top 25 or something.


Khyron_2500 t1_jaefz1o wrote

The auction hasn’t happened yet. T-Bills have the rate set at auction, so it’s TBD.

They match the rates based on how much funds they need to raise, and what institutional investors offer. Everyone else gets the same rate based on that.

Won’t likely vary much from other auctions, marginal increase or decrease.