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Thanks for the additional info. I checked out their website for my area and it doesn’t look like something I can commit to at the moment. It requires at least a one year commitment, and I work full time and am also going back to school in the fall. I’ll look into it again once I have more time to give. I’m interested in fostering in the future and this would be a great way for me to help out while learning about the process.


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My friend and I went out to brunch with a person who has celiac disease. We had to go to 3 restaurants before we found one with food that she could eat. We already had a reservation at a restaurant that said they could accommodate her over the phone, but that wasn’t the case when we got there. We were already seated and had to leave. My friend was surprised that I wasn’t annoyed with the whole situation but I figured it’s more frustrating and annoying for the person who has celiac.