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Yea, anyone who's in undergrad for biology will probably come across corridors in an ecology class. Its all about who owns the land...just look at the checkerboard land plots between BLM and the ranchers/land owners in wyoming


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My local hospital has been hiring for awhile now. Its a good hospital, level 2 trauma center. I think the issue is older nurses retiring/hospital top brass nickel and diming. My mom is a retired nurse practitioner from the VA. About a month after she retired, the VA opened a clinic in her hometown and offered her a nice 6 figure salary. She declined to come out of retirement.


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I guess the question is now, what caused obesity 1st, the diet or the microbiome. I think a good experiment to run would be, to look at weight gains before and after taking a round of antibiotics. If the antibiotics reduce the amount of gut flora, then there should be some type of weight gain.


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Alcohol sales rep in Thurston county here. Can confirm. Washington has some weird liquor laws. For example, alcohol distributors aren't allowed to take back/ exchange discontinued items. Imo, its good customer service to do that for stores. Also, Washington has one of the highest liquor taxes in the country. Everyone has to add 20% to the price at the register


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I used to do agricultural research for the USDA, specifically water use. Is NASA taking evaporation into account, in addition to measuring the height of the surface of the water. Can I assume that the lasers on the satellite are similar to the lasers that measure snow pack on those other satellites?


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Used to do ag research for the USDA. Many of the papers coming out of China used the wrong math, wrong area of study/said they were experimenting in a tropical environment but the study area was in a arid climate. One in particular I remember laughing at. The PT equation for the evaporation of water has a variable that differs for the type of environment of study (ocean, lake, alpine, etc) the Chinese researchers used the variable for the ocean but their study site was a semi-arid in west central china.


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Been this way for 150 years. Farmer has 7 kids, let's say 1 die to a childhood disease, 2 become farmers themselves, one takes over the family farm, and the rest move to the big cities cause they can't find technology progresses, those same farmers have fewer kids. So today, a farmer has 3 kids, 1 stays to be a farmer and 2 go to the cities cause you can't find work when the only things in town are a gas station, small diner and grocery store