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We are the communist party though, changing our name would do little against that, we subscribe to communist beliefs, our party has been around since the 60s (actually earlier but it was called other names) it be like saying the democrats should change their name bc they were the party of slavery before the platform switch, it would be nothing other then performative


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I don’t think I called us a political party? Because that would be wrong as we currently aren’t one like if I were to run I couldn’t have “communist” as my party. It’s more of a set of beliefs we follow at the moment sort of how there really is no capitalist party just people who subscribe to the beliefs of it, if that made sense


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And actual good criticism, but let me argue

Communism is more “natural” then capitalism as when we were tribes we had a form of it, the natives also had communism like economy before they were basically wiped out, capitalism came about when the ruling class and the merchant class needed a easier way to make people stay subservient. There are tons of books you can read or listen to on the subject that would do better then me explaining it


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  1. You missed the part after where is says “a gift done to help the humanitarians”
  2. We don’t only do what I listed feel free to go to the link on my post to read more about what we do! But we also do stuff such as fund candidates, organize marches, provide education as much as we can and many more things! Feel free to read up on it