Kiergard t1_j1tlm2m wrote

I was an iPhone User since the 3gs. iOS reached the point where its just a mess and annoying. Changing background became a task. Why do i have to reconfigure my clock and unblur the homescreen? Notifications are dumb and focus modes too. Just give people proper multi user support to separate work and personal apps like on android. Background downloads for spotify or audible still not possible. Seems like the best processor in the world cant handle this ;) Also the camera gets worse every year with the processing. The 14 pro camera is in most scenarios a downgrade to the 13 pro. Good job apple. Seriously wtf. But hey, now we have a dynamic island which nobody asked for and is useless. Thank god the marketing department has something to do now.

While i agree with you on some aspects (speakers for example)... 899 the p7pro with watch to 1449 in my country for the 14 pro max makes it a hard pass for the iPhone.

Got the 14 pro as company phone and it collects dust.