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MS Saga: A New Dawn - an RPG using the Gundam franchise in an original story. The customizing of load outs, optional equipment, and mixing of mech parts is one of the best in any RPG that I have every played. Tactics are essential (it's not the "equip best gun/missile/sword and you're good" type of game) and it's easy to spend over 99 hours just enjoying the game.

But it's also a VERY niche game.


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Nick at Nite introduced me to Get Smart back in the 90s. I was a fan of Inspector Gadget so it was a surprise to me when I saw the first episode and recognized Don Adam's voice. Get Smart also introduced me to the comedic styles of Mel Brooks (which I am a big fan of)


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I feel that Cars 2 definitely would have been better if it just focused on the challenge of McQueen adapting to European style racing rather than the James Bond story for Mater (on a side note, I did enjoy Michael Cain's performance....maybe they should have just done a straight up Spy Cars for him to star in).

The Mater's Tall Tales shorts are much more enjoyable than Cars 2. Goofy stories, told by Mater, that are entertaining and not to be taken seriously or part of the main story.


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The Birdcage is a brilliant film and Lane and Williams were great together. I wish they had done more films as a team. They could have been an updated version of Lemmon and Matthau.

One of my favorite exchanges is when they talk about the "ball game". Lane expresses his feelings and asks if that's the right response and Williams goes "I'm not sure."


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Not sure if anyone will agree but the marketing for Deadpool. I didn't know much about the original character, didn't really care about seeing it. But the way the movie was marketed changed my mind and helped me to enjoy the movies more. I'm especially looking forward to Deadpool 3 thanks to all the fun that Reynolds and Jackman have with one another on social media.


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I don't think it will do well. First, you have all the D&D fans who are upset at WoTC over the OGL issues. So some of those fans aren't going to support the movie. Then you have D&D fans who probably feel that the movie isn't true to D&D and it's just a typical fantasy movie with a D&D skin. Basically, just a normal Hollywood movie with some D&D Easter Eggs and so they won't support it.

Then you have non-D&D people (normies, such as myself) who have only heard of of D&D and who will go see the movie because of the casting or out of curiosity, but there aren't enough of those people to really give the movie the support it would require to succeed. For myself, I like Chris Pine and the movie reminds of me of other comedy/adventures that I have watched and enjoyed, but this isn't something I would go to the theater to see. I'd wait for the DVD or streaming options to become available.


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Because EA hasn't improved that much to warrant supporting them again. I rarely play anything from EA that isn't one of their older games (before they put profits from cheap quantity over profits from high quality) or it's free on Gamepass.


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This may sound surprising, but Nat'l Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and the original Nat'l Lampoon's Vacation movie. The Griswalds aren't perfect, but despite all the zany antics the dad gets them into, they do feel more like a real family than a lot of movies portray.