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Not sure about everyone else (or maybe my home life and environment were really that shitty) but when I was a teenager I knew exactly where to go to buy a gun on the street and roughly how much it would cost. It wasn’t exactly a secret that a certain neighborhood was rough and you could purchase guns, drugs, booze etc from the people hanging outside a particular convenience store.


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Anecdotally, this really does happen. When I got Botox in my crows feet, I genuinely felt less happy when I smiled because my smile didn’t reach my eyes. When the Botox wore off, I felt normal again.

On the plus side, the Botox I get for migraines makes me feel less surly because I can’t furrow my eyebrows lol


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If you’ve never listened to the whole album, I seriously recommend it. It’s called “A Day Without Rain” and is one of those 10/10 albums where every song is good.

Middle school art class wouldn’t have been the same without Enya playing on repeat in the background. It never got old.