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Side note: Many US "Chinatowns" are near the train station. This is because when the 19th century railroads were completed workers were given a ticket to the end of the line, and once they arrived they set up a shanty town that developed into a neighborhood.


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From Wikipedia:

"Whilst it is recognized that Masonry is not atheistic (Masons aligned with the United Grand Lodge of England are asked if they believe in God or another supreme being before joining and only accept candidates that do),[17] its use of the expression Supreme Architect of the Universe—a term attributed to the Protestant theologian John Calvin—is seen by some Christian critics as indicating Deism, the belief that God created the Universe but did not intervene in the world after this."

"Supreme Architect of the Universe" was a convenient dodge in the 18th century world where living people could still recall the Witch Trials.


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Many founding fathers were "observant", that's not the same as "devoted" or even "believing". Nearly all were "Enlightenment" thinkers, and many were Freemasons. All had grown up under state religions. Their "Freedom of religion" was more about freedom FROM religion.

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Three keys to seeing Andromeda: clear dark sky; giving your eyes at least 15 minutes in darkness to develop your "night vision"; and using "averted vision", i.e., not looking directly at it. If done correctly it's surprisingly obvious.


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It wasn't about looking strong, it was furthering the GOP goal of reducing American workers to poverty wages. That's what 40 years of stagnant wages have done. Combined with inflation the middle class has been gutted. Reagan put us on the road to a nation of haves and have nots, a giant banana republic.


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The Maya civilization under discussion had collapsed hundreds of years before the Europeans arrived. That said their religioysly drriven cultural destruction is unforgivable. Bishop Diego Landa deserves to be spoken of in the same breath with history's other monsters.


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Having been in that rain forest I have literslly stood on top of some recent discoveries and never saw them. I can't wait to see what we learn in the coming years, not just about monumental structures, but more importantly about the agriculture, water management, and lives of the people.


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As an architect I can assure you, ancient architects thought a lot about the sun, for a variety of reasons, but primarily as a source of warmth in winter months. Roman baths and their wall openings were carefully designed to let in direct winter sunlight but not summer.

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The very point is the government didn't make the effort.

I don't kmow where you get your misinformation but the American Defense Department's Graves Registration Command is still working to identify remains of WWII soldiers and those from later wars. Just last week they ID'd the remains of a B-17 crewman from New Jersey. Remains are individually buried, not cremated,