KingArthas94 t1_j0rpfj0 wrote

Does this mean that if you buy the phone with CarrierX you can’t use it with CarrierY? To me it sounds like fucking madness, man. Here in Italy we don’t have these things, I think they’re illegal in the whole EU.


KingArthas94 t1_iy82cyo wrote

Yeah don’t go below 20 and above 80, that’s the rule.

You can go above 80 every once in a while if you need the extra battery for like a whole day out.

It’s better to recharge randomly during the day, like if you’re going out and you have 40% left, just charge a couple of minutes as you get dressed or something, so you’ll have more battery life.

So move between 20 and 80 as much as you want.