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Apparently I have a faulty esophageal sphincter that opens very easily from the air pressure of the CPAP. And I couldn’t pass the air through farting/burping it out. I was able to burp it out by drinking a coke, but it was very painful and after it happened a few times I decided it wasn’t worth it and I tried to find alternative solutions.


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Did you have any abdominal pain after wearing the CPAP? I’d wake up, ripping the mask off my face and have abdominal pain similar to how food poisoning feels. Just a constant pain that wasn’t sharp, but hurt pretty bad.


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That’s exactly what the sleep physicians said to me after I came back after my jaw surgery didn’t work. “I could have told you that wouldn’t work. Why don’t you try a different sleep apnea device for central sleep apnea?” Ya that didn’t work for me just like the other CPAP because my esophageal sphincter kept opening due to the pressure from the air causing severe abdominal pain. Now I play a didgeridoo every night and it does seem to help a bit but its not a perfect solution. I might go to an ear nose and throat doctor to see if nasal inflammation is the culprit.


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I’m curious because I also have OSA, what did you mean by “low airflow in some areas?” I think I also might have chronic sinus inflammation.


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I had jaw surgery to fix my sleep apnea a couple years ago and it didn’t help me. So in my case there may be something else at play. There are other surgeries that may help in your case. Also CPAP is great if it works for you. Unfortunately it caused me a lot of issues, which is why I tried the surgery. If you want any advice feel free to send me a message. I have a routine right now that has definitely helped but it’s not perfect.


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Unfortunately I had jaw surgery to fix my sleep apnea and it didn’t really seem to help much. It’s not a cure-all and it does carry some very serious side effects that I’m worried about. It’s a last resort option. I only decided to take the risk since I couldn’t use CPAP because I would wake up with severe abdominal pain from air filling my stomach. I guess this was caused by a faulty esophageal sphincter that would open when using the CPAP.