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There’s a trend of tech companies laying people off, and it started with Twitter. Nothing you have said changes that.

If they didn’t start laying people off after seeing it work at twitter why didn’t the other companies do it earlier? They only followed his lead.


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> 1. you have 0 understanding of a techs life cycle and how a tech company functions

>google can still be “functional” if they got rid of 90% of their workforce a

Go look back at this subs reaction when twitter laid off half its personnel, the hive mind was sure twitter would have functional problems but they don’t.

I clearly knew about tech companies life cycles. It’s not really hard to understand, remember I agreed with you, something you’re incapable of doing because your feelings won’t let you commit wrongthink.

Nothing you said disproves that the companies are following Twitters lead. If they weren’t following twitters lead, why did they all wait until after twitter did it to layoff their worthless workers? Investor letters to google even talked about how other companies laid off much more of their staff, showing how twitter set the precedence.

And he’s running twitter with the same method he successfully ran other companies.

Oh wow he sold shares to get money. What a shock.

Again, nothing you’ve said disproves that other tech companies followed twitters lead.


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You’re so close to getting it but because it’s wrongthink to admit anything Musk does is correct, you don’t want to say it.

Let me explain it for you

  1. tech sector is over hired (we agree on this, see how I admit when you’re right about things)

  2. Musk notices this with twitter and gets rid of worthless people (you literally agree with Musk on this fact but don’t want to admit wrongthink)

  3. other tech companies and their investors notice how twitter is still doing great and follow Musks lead (you sadly won’t admit this is true because you are incapable of doing wrongthink even when it’s true)

It’s so sad how I’ll admit to you being correct about something you said, but you can’t do the same because your feelings won’t let you.


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How so? Use sources and facts.

Twitter was the first tech company to lay of their worthless project managers and now other tech companies are following the trend. What exactly is wrong about that statement.

Edit: hahaha the loser I replied to couldn’t disprove my point so they blocked me and now I can’t reply to any of your comments. If you need a source for musk laying people off just use google.


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This does not disprove that musk started the trend of getting rid of redundant tech workers. In fact it only proves my point further.

Clearly the tech sector over hired and then had to make a correction. Musk getting rid of all the worthless program managers at twitter proved this correct. So other companies followed suit, and their investors requested they do so after seeing twitter was just fine without their worthless middle managers. Musk was the first to do it, now other tech companies did the same. Nothing you’ve said disproves what I said.

Clearly numbers aren’t too hard for me, but using proper punctuation and spelling the word “you” are too difficult for you.

Thank you for further proving my point for me!


King_Arber t1_j5x67b9 wrote

Musk really started the trend of laying off worthless redundant tech workers. Everyone saw him do it with twitter and it’s still totally functional so now other tech companies have their investors to do the same. Once again proving he’s a trend setter.