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Sorry for my lack of knowledge, what do you mean by patents? Which things are the patents applied to? Model's weight? Model's source code? Model's theory (white papers)?

Researchers reuse others ideas and rethink of others work all the time. So if people want to against each other, just don't release white papers.


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>Not so constructive.

It's not much I am aware. However, what I mean that names of both training paradigm already told you a part of the answer. The last paragraph of mine is to refer two other comments to create a more sufficient answer.

Moreover, the names of both already pointed it's somewhat related. Therefore, this line

>So I think classifying them as disjoint is somewhat misleading.

is obvious. I don't know who have said "classifying them as disjoint" to you. Clearly they didn't pay attention to the names.


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>Isn't self-supervised learning(SSL) simply a kind of SL?

Don't their names already tell that? Self-supervised learning... supervised learning...

>So I think classifying them as disjoint is somewhat misleading.

Who said this?

The ways of determining labels of both paradigms are different (as u/cthorrez said). Moreover, the objectives are different (as u/currentscurrents said).