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Completely true, I was just curious to see if the meta would change at all, especially since Apple is helping distribute this move (I'm pretty sure?).

I think the only way for EEAAO's full year strategy to work is if the movie is extremely rewatchable, and idk how rewatchable a 3 hour movie with this subject matter will be.


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That's the second dumbest defense. Just because something is for kids doesn't mean you cant be critical of it.

Also, as someone with a kid, it's not really for kids. Anyone young enough to be obsessed with Baby Yoda is going to be scared by the robot living in the mines under Mandalore, or bored of the Coruscant stuff in the following episode.


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Discovery Grogu happens in the first episode and is literally the driving force behind every adventure he goes on in the first two seasons. The problem isn't that they don't have that anymore, it's that they completed it and then walked it back. They just completely threw away the entire point of those seasons.

They also do have a secondary ongoing plot, it's all the Mandalorian (the planet and people, not Din) stuff, which is the secondary plot for how many arcs of television at this point? It's old hat, and the show would be better if it was Mando getting into new situations every week instead of him messing with Dark Saber stuff and trying to rule people who have been nothing but shit everytime they show up in these shows.


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>It got pitched as a Western like the Lone Ranger

It did get pitched as that, but it's not that anymore. I'm not caught up currently, but the first few episodes of this season weren't Mando doing cool western, shenanigans of the week type stuff like the first season was, it was him doing boring missions to further the plot they set up in the last season. They transitioned it to be more serialized but the overarching plot is shit.

I'm perfectly fine with Mando being a different thing than Andor, but you have to do that well. Instead they set up a 2 season arch, had Mando complete his goal and then walked it back between seasons. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too.


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So weird because growing up I always thought muppets = for adults and sesame street = for kids. Maybe that's just because sesame street was something I actively watched and the only reason I knew what muppets was was because my mom had some old muppets merch. It's strange but not surprising that soem group would get all up in arms about it though, especially since it was still just a ABC sitcom, so it's not like it was that vulgar.


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The problem is the NBA got paided a fuckton the last time they sold the tv license. They are gonna work to repeat that again with the rights being up in the next couple of years.

It's crazy to say but maybe Apple or Amazon will swoop in and save us from blackouts. I canceled my League Pass last month because it's annoying that I can't watch my home team and I remembered that it's useless during the playoffs.