Kirlain t1_iylwyzy wrote

Comrade dis is not hard to understand, yes? There is no harms done. There is existing problem to start with and this is…. How you say… grasping for the straws?

Maybe is man seed not strong like Stalin, maybe lady’s farm land not so hospitable place to begin with. Maybe something else, but this problem already existed.

If blaming something for life happening is what is needed for the coping then that is what you do yes? Personality I prefer much vodka, yah!


Kirlain t1_iyktezl wrote

You says vaccine cause reproductive harm. I say I have proof this is false right here.

Which is more likely, I have such strong genetic instruction I can overcome such “reproductive harms” or that there is no reproductive harms to begin with and maybe is some other problem, like maybe weak instructions, ya? Only Stalin knows!

Nothing some vodka and a little effort can’t fix comrade!