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I specifically mentioned City State because they promote themselves as a place where parents can enjoy themselves with their kids. They have even had kid-focused events in the past. I tried to note that it's probably not great for a party or more than a few people in a single group.

You may choose not to patronize that establishment as a result, but your callousness is pretty jarring.


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What kind of gathering/attendance are we talking about? 10 toddlers and ~20 adults with room to roam and bring toys/entertainment?

My first instinct was City State Brewing, but I personally wouldn't say it's setup to accomodate that many people, especially toddlers.


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One thing to note: you must be present (in the same room as the printer) for the duration of the print.

I mention this because it was quite a limiting factor since prints can take awhile and logistics around appointments are challenging (e.g., Saturdays fill up quickly, so you're left with T/Th during typical work hours). There isn't a very good way to take calls or meetings, which I learned the hard way.

To schedule an appointment, they create a unique link for you once you've completed the training.


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My post was admittedly a bit curt.

The implication was that you have to get to Metro Center, and then it's 50 minutes. For me, that means a solid 90 minutes door to door including a bus and two trains (with bags). DCA is less than half that for me.

I would do it, but tough sell for most other people in my life (wife, parents, etc.)

Also just frustrated that they can't run an express train. a 20-min ride from MC to IAD would be incredible.


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Are you talking exclusively about 5G coverage? If so, mmWave (the 5G tech that VZW uses) is notoriously bad at penetrating walls, so that probably explains why you need a window to get reception. see here:

I assume you can enable non-5G service on your phone, which is where I would start.


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Dacha (Shaw; not sure about Navy Yard) has a Croque Monsier for weekend brunch that has country ham.

I personally have issues with their business practices and no longer patronize that establishment.