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The ones in my area have an actual "staging area" to check IDs, and they're very fucking strict on that. You can't actually be near the merchandise until you show ID and there's a glass pane keeping you in that staging area until they see that ID.

I'm 49 and still get carded, my 80 year old neighbor gets carded. Neither of us mind, we just talk about random shit a lot when smoking outside.


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I'm talking about the military. Using one in other fields is probably a great idea, but before investing in military tech they need to first ensure they are useful in a wartime situation and not just a neat tool with far better applications. The problem in a live fire battle is high tech that's used in the field cannot require charging and must be extremely lightweight, soldiers already have to carry very heave weapons and supplies, even a tiny bit of weight can make the difference between life and death.

So given the extra weight and the inaccessibility of a charging method without also increasing weight, they will not find much use of worn tech like this in situations that they would be used. A better investment would be more remote drones and smart weapons that can be used from the safety of a bunker.


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I am personally getting tired of the self reporting "studies" being touted as representative of entire populations. This bad science is getting out of hand, especially regarding woo like natural drugs.


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This is what happens when you don't hire computer literate people to operate computers. I bet the clerk is not paid enough to do this job too.

Don't cheap out on your IT, it's a stupid mistake that many organizations and businesses have been doing lately and all this shit will y2k if if continues.


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You know what? I won't even verify the data because this leads to a much more important question: how much of that is linked to how the society they are in treats them?

In the USA the only reason weed was made illegal was because mostly black people used it, due to how easy it was to grow and therefore much less expensive to acquire. Which was a factor because black people were only recently freed from slavery.

So why not a study on the socioeconomic status instead of race then see how the two correlate?