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As technology progresses scientists find that almost everything that can be accomplished through magic is a lot easier and more accessible to perform by technological means. As awe-inspiring and impressive magic is, it just cannot compete with modern factories or weapons of war. The mages have a hard time accepting this new world and so they, in a last ditch attempt to prove that they still have a place in this world, attempt a futile rebellion.


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The captain decided to upgrade the ship-computer to true AI. Unfortunately they didn't read the contracts they had to sign properly. Since AI are considered persons and alive under law, they own the ship they are installed in, as it is legally considered to be their body. You, the ship's computer and AI technician, now have to explain this to the bewildered captain.


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In a world where the viking settlements in northern america where a lot more permanent (although they still may have lost contact with europe. That is for you to decide.) the first contact between the new european settlers and the descendants of the old scandinavian settlers turns hostile very quickly leading to a skirmish that had a lot more impact than one would expect from a fight with barely 10 people involved.


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Someone who has spent their entire life having other people tell them what to do and who to be is now being told that, according to the prophecy, they are the chosen hero and that they have to give up on their life for the sake of the people. This goes several steps too far and the supposed "hero" now tries everything in their power to get out.


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A "supervillain" whose villain name is The VIP. A billionaire with too much money and free time who also loves fighting over the top battles with superpowers. They don't care much for achieving any villainous goal though, they are only in it for the fighting and only joined they side of the villains because heroes are much more inclined to play fair and so make for much better opponents if you do not actually intend to win.


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A hero and a "villain" are fighting one another. The fight is completely staged and everyone knows it and therefore these fights regularly attract large crowds cheering on either side. The "villain" is only in it for the fights and only joined the villains, because heroes make for more honourable opponents. They still had to search for decades to find a hero that is willing to play along in their game, but they finally found one in the current hero.


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It is possible to ascend to godhood, provided you perform a miracle. What you will be the god of is determined by the miracle you performed. You just had a completely ordinary day when you suddenly feel divine power flow through you.


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The VIP: An old "villain". He is an eccentric millionaire who has a penchant for fighting superpowered people using advanced technology he developed. He only joined the side of the villains because heroes make for more honorable opponents. After years of searching he has finally found a hero that is willing to play along and be his sparring partner. Although he is no hero, when shit truly hits the fan he will do the right thing.