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> No, that's a private religious school that does NOT receive public funding.

Yet. They sure are trying like hell, though.

> But now, a pair of religious schools are testing that rule. In applications to the State Board of Education last month, the heads of two Vermont Christian schools sought approval for tuition money — but hinted that they might not follow all of Vermont’s anti-discrimination laws.

One of those two Christian schools? The same Mid-Vermont school that forfeit over a trans opponent.


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Cool? His post is pointing out the threat. You've now taken this up as your cause for some reason to both relitigate slate ridge and to now downplay the threat? This appears to be a block and move on situation. Best of luck with your search for an argument.


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> If there is a sub standard product, you don't force everyone to use it in the hopes that it improves.

No, you punish the system. That's the only way that works, carrot and stick. So you punish an underperforming school, reduce it's funding and then....somehow....the school improves? Or it goes under, that's cool, too, for the pro-private school folks, at least.


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Hey, this is fun. I can play this game too. See, the goal of the pro-private school side is to suck as much public funding out of the public education system as possible. Then conservatives can point to a poorly run system they helped create while propping up the for-profits. (remind anyone of how conservatives govern? Ruin government then point to how ineffective government is and how private business is the solution). This is easy to see on the local level, with conservatives getting elected to the school board and immediately slashing school funding (See: Barre). That shitty school system helps keeps the populous dumb, aka easier to control, while also filling the pockets of the already wealthy using tax dollars for private schools.

Conservatives are incensed that they may have to send their kids to the same school as the poors so they want their own fancy schools while also getting the public to pay for them. And they are banking on enough of the population already being dumb enough to let them get away with it. Their kid gets nothing but the best, while the rest are left as dumb as possible so they can be whipped into a frenzy over "groomers" or "illegals" or whatever other existential "threat" of the day to keep them occupied.

Much like "the beatings will continue until morale improves," here we have "the funding will diminish until educational outcomes improve." Both make as much sense and get the expected outcome.


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Oh, I know it happens far more than people want to admit. What's wild here is it happened at a gun shop, not someone's unattended gun cabinet. Talk about poor business practices if someone can just make off with guns from your store while it's open. But I'm sure much of the ire will be directed at the addicts, far easier to swallow that way.


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Not only that, but two people were just busted for making off with two handguns from Parro's in Waterbury. Just showed up, took the guns and left. They were trading guns for drugs, which I'm told hardly ever happens here. But as you said, can't take two steps into a dispensary without someone stopping you.


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It's always weird to me when people wag their finger about rushing to judgement and then freely make their own assumptions.

The public education system is in shambles, specifically because pro-business people have been actively working to undermine public education for decades, including propping up schools like SJA and LI. It's also weird how you say this isn't a black and white issue, yet you're only arguing for private schools here. And for the record, I don't give a shit what religion you may or may not hold, that part is absolutely a distraction. It's about capitalism, not who you pray to. "Avowed socialist," man people really say whatever on the internet, huh?

Edit: This is a great example of people's priorities shifting because they personally see a benefit. You stated you have a kid going to SJA, so now you're strongly defending a private school despite claiming to be an "avowed socialist." So either that was a lie, or your politics take a back seat if you think something is going your way.


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Isn't it weird how when it comes to things like broadband, the state is working to bring that service to underserved areas, but with schools its "well, there's no public school here so we have no choice but to use the private school available"? It stops being weird when you realize for decades now, the pro-business folks have been trying to undermine public education and prop up private schools. They get elected to the school board and purposely underfund the budget (looking at you Barre). Then they cry foul when there is any attempt to get funds back into public schools. They get to undermine public education then point to how ineffective public education is and how private schools are better. All part of the Republican play book where they actively make government worse so they can then tout the benefits of small government.


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Requiring a teacher to have a degree in education doesn't seem all that far fetched to me. Doesn't matter how knowledgeable someone is if they don't know how to effectively pass that knowledge on to others, specifically children, in a meaningful way.

And SJA has been pulling shenanigans for years where it'll claim it's a private school so no one has any say over what it does with its money and then claim it's a public school so give it all the tax dollars please and thank you. The status quo is not working.


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Right, because after I blocked the guy he admitted he was trying to "expose" me with his questions. Not troll behavior at all, right? Just opposing views. Y'all mouth breathers really believe you're entitled to an argument and when you get blocked, you "win." Totally normal, well-adjusted behavior.

Edit: lol, the troll came back looking for more comments to respond to, this comment wasn't even a response to him. And he then brags about "exposing" me. But keep on acting like your comment history isn't public, and you're just asking questions in good faith. Back to the troll cave with you. I'd say enjoy your downvotes, but you probably unironically do. And no, I'm not going to show how to better hide your shitty opinions. I'll let you tell on yourself, you're great at that.


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Well it's a good thing then that this post is calling for the guy's arrest and not to lose re-election to a select board seat. "It's not against the law" has got to be one of the corniest, laziest counters to any criticism. As if that's the only way to measure any situation.